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The Tuner Society was founded by a couple of misplaced Cheeseheads attending ASU, who both shared a passion for the finer beers in life. The Tuner Society believes that there is nothing better than tasting a fresh beer straight from the tap. Tasting these hand crafted pieces of liquid art on the other side of the wall where they are brewed is an experience that will make your liver smile. Always seeking out the best locally brewed beers, the Tuner Society is on a never ending adventure to hunt out the best local microbreweries in America.

If the name of the beer you order at a brewery is followed by light (or any other variation of the word) then this distinguished Society is not for you. If grabbing a six pack of a newly released seasonal or cooking/grilling out with your favorite beer recipe is your idea of a good time, then you are among friends. The Tuner Society does not take themselves seriously, but they do take their beer very serious. Welcome to Tunelocal.com, a destination where you will never get cut off.

The Tuner Society is either on the road visiting great local breweries or in the planning stages of another great tuning adventure. These adventures are the stories you know and love on our review pages. Exploring these local breweries is just a part of what we do to bring you the latest buzz on the best breweries in the United States.


tuner society

the founding fathers:


The creative genius behind the TuneLocal brand, and local beer lunatic.

{ favorite styles: black IPA, red ale, farmhouse style ale }


The head honcho of TuneLocal reviews, and devoted drinker of craft beer.

{ favorite styles: barley wine, brown ale, sour ale }


tunelocal dictionary

tuning 101:

Tuner (n.) Any alcoholic beverage which may be consumed that leads to inebriation; a person of high social acceptance that enjoys the act of drinking

Tuned (adj.) State of being attained by consuming large amounts of tuners

Tuner Memorabilia (n.) Memorable beer paraphernalia collected from your favorite tuning spot. Can be used as a tasteful decoration in your college living quarter or man cave

Tuner Suitcase (n.) Any object used for the transportation of multiple tuners. Examples may include but are not limited to: six packs, twelve packs, twenty-four packs, thirty packs, coolers, briefcases

Tuning Adventure (n.) A drinking escapade consisting of multiple microbrewery pit-stops. These adventures often result in a state of being tuned, beer saturated livers, and a cooler full of growlers


beer pong rules

tuner society drinking game etiquette:

If you wear t-shirts with rhinestones, angel wings, or skulls chances are you do not adhere to these rules, and the Tuner Society is glad you do not. Whether you are playing on your parents kitchen table, or you are playing in your backyard on a table that is an engineering marvel, beer pong is an integral aspect of beer culture. Not always played with the highest quality of tuners and not a skill you usually would put on a resume; beer pong is just another avenue to showcase your beer drinking prowess.

1.) 10 cups with 3 beers per side

2.) Two re-racks per game (only with six, four, three, or two cups remaining)

3.) Start by one member from each team looking eye to eye and shooting at the same time in order to determine which team will shoot first (continue until only one team makes a cup)

4.) If both team members sink a cup on the same turn, the balls will be returned for two more shots

5.) If both shots from one team land in the same cup the game is over (you are allowed to remove the cups after they have been sunk)

6.) The game is not called lay-up pong for a reason; keep your elbows behind the table

7.) Bounces count as two cups

8.) No fingering (females do not be afraid to blow)

9.) Once all the cups on one side have been sunk both members from the cup-less team have the opportunity to shoot until they miss. If they do not successfully sink all of the remaining cups the game is over, but if they do the game will go to overtime

10.) Overtime will be played by filling up three cups with one beer, and the same rules in regulation apply, except re-racks are allowed

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