Dave’s Electric Brewpub, Tempe, AZ

Whether you just got done at class, work, heading to or from a football game, or you just want to gawk at ASU’s female population, Dave’s is your spot. Dave’s is situated a beer pong toss across the street from Sun Devil Stadium, and they make beers that match the scenery. Be sure to bring some buds so you can order a 100 oz. beer tower, then afterwards you can teach them the finer points of bags on the patio. With a tremendous menu, Dave’s is a place where the staff goes out of their way to make you feel like a regular even if you are not one. Add a spark to your liver and mosey on down to Dave’s Electric Brewpub.

Recommended Tuners: O.K. Ale, Dave’s Electric Lager, Industrial Pale Ale I.P.A.



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