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Vol. 1 Issue 1 December 2010

Welcome to the first edition of MICROBREW BUZZ, a monthly e-newsletter, brought to you by TuneLocal.com. TuneLocal.com is a website dedicated to the art of craft brewing, and the breweries where these products are brewed. Our true passion is to taste fresh beer out of the tap on the opposite side of the wall where it was brewed. TuneLocal.com writes about the sentiment felt after leaving a brewery that creates beer and an environment worthy of praise.

Each edition of MICROBREW BUZZ will spotlight a local brewery along with a few of our latest reviews, and recent happening in the microbrewery world.

Monthly Microbrew Spotlight
Monthly Brewery Spotlight: Daveís Electric Brewpub, Tempe, AZ

Daveís Electric Brewpub was started by a couple of businessmen from Bisbee, AZ who bought the rights to brew Electric beers from the Electric Brewing Company. They took a chance and opened the brewpub in a location that shares the same zip code as Four Peaks Brewery, one of the stateís most popular microbreweries, and so far it has paid off. "If you look at a city like Portland or San Diego, the more brewpubs there are, the better they all do," co-owner Dave Hoffman said. Daveís Electric Brewpub in situated directly across the street from Sun Devil Stadium in the heart of Arizona Stateís Tempe, AZ campus. Whether you just got done at class, work, heading to or from a football game, or you just want to gawk at ASUís female population, Daveís is your spot. With live jazz on Monday and Wednesday, and live acoustic sets on Friday, it is impossible to swing by without Daveís being the happening spot. Currently dispensing Daveís Electric Lager, OK Ale, Industrial Pale Ale, and Old Frog Grog Oatmeal Stout; Daveís will shortly begin brewing seasonal and experimental beers at the Tempe location while continuing to get the originals from Bisbee. Along with the canít miss beer selection Daveís offers a southwestern-style influenced menu ranging from a sausage sampler to their Mule Mountain Spicy Burro. This is the type of establishment where the staff makes you feel like a regular even if it is your first time visiting. Add a spark to your liver and mosey on down to Daveís Electric Brewpub.


microbrewery news

the organic revolution:

Itís about time. Thanks to the endless effort of the Organic American Hop Growers Association, starting in 2013 the USDA will require all beer labeled organic must be brewed with organic hops. Along with help from the National Organic Standards Board, hops will be taken off the list of nonorganic ingredients allowed in organic products.

The problem is that the production of hops requires a great deal of pesticides to treat diseases and insects. This also depends heavily on which types of hops are being grown. Crops grown in a monoculture attract the very blights and pests that make the pesticides necessary. Organic growers utilizing strategies that break up monocultures is a huge step forward in the organic beer revolution. Organic hop producers use a variety of methods to help combat insects and diseases in order to produce a superior product.

To us there is a difference in taste. Taste is not the only factor though. For a microbrewery to make a conscience to use natural products, and choose to leave less of an imprint on the planet is reason enough to get behind the organic following. Our thanks to those that have stepped up and made their voices heard. Without your contributions the craft beer movement would not be where it is.


microbrewery powerhouse joint venture:

The people that make the big-time decisions for two of Coloradoís craft beer icons have recently decided to join forces early next year. Get ready for it Wynkoop and Breckenridge are becoming partners in crime. Spokespersons emphasized that Wynkoop, which owns the Wynkoop Brewing Co. and six other restaurants, and Breckenridge, which operates Breckenridge Brewery and five brewpubs, will not merge their identities, their brands or their staffs.

The thought behind the joint venture would allow for Wynkoop in increase their brewing capacity while Breckenridge Brewery would gain restaurant experience. Wynkoop, founded by Denver Mayor and Colorado Gov.-elect John Hickenlooper, has seven Colorado restaurants and brewpubs. Breckenridge Brewery has four brewpubs, tap houses and restaurants. Each company would keep its own staff.

The expanded canning possibilities and Breckenridge's experience in selling its beer outside of its restaurants made the deal very attractive to Wynkoop (which has been canning beers in its brewpub) but would like to expand its production. The new partnership already has something in the works: Amato Ale House, Breckenridge's future brewpub going in the site of the old statuary store at the edge of Highland, which will now be part of the joint venture. Amato plans to have forty beers on tap, 90 percent of them Colorado beers. With these two craft beer powerhouses joining together the sky is the limit for the Colorado microbrewery scene.

Thanks for tuning into the first edition of MICROBREW BUZZ, stay tuned for next monthís publication.

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